While shopping for bed sheets, when you think of a certain specific fabric sheet, then you must know all about that fabric material. Let’s suppose you chose a poly-cotton bedsheet, so you need to weigh it in light of pros and cons, is it worth choosing or not.

For your convenience, I have covered it all in this useful post.

Poly-Cotton For Bed Sheets

Polycotton is a simulated fabric made using cotton and polyester blend in a certain ratio. The most widely recognized mixes of cotton and polyester are 65% cotton 35% polyester, 60% cotton 40% polyester, 80% cotton 20% polyester, and half cotton half polyester.

Advantages of Poly Cotton

The poly-cotton bed sheets are often used at commercial places such as; hotel, resorts, hospitals, and salon, etc. for its;

Strength – Through pure cotton is soft yet it’s known for its strength, whereas Poly Cotton is a highly durable fabric that is widely demander’s it’s a strength that mainly comes from a satisfactory amount of polyester found in it

According to a recent study conducted by the European textile services association; employees wearing poly-cotton at work demands  25% fewer clothes as compared to those who wear 100% cotton.

Washableability – Polycotton is washable being a strong and durable fabric this bedsheet is more washable than polyester and cotton

Wrinkle Free – Poly Cotton is a wrinkle-free fabric that doesn’t need ironing.

Quickly Dries – Another study conducted by European Textile Services Association (ETSA) claims that; laundries drying poly-cotton takes less amount of gas as compared to drying 100% cotton as it dries quickly, this feature further makes it eco – friendly.

Gentler Than Polyester – Poly Cotton is significantly milder and more agreeable than polyester, this trademark comes from cotton.

Cons of Poly Cotton

  • Skin Allergy The Polycotton fabric with a high amount of polyester is though very reasonable, but it can cause skin allergies as polyester is a synthetic fiber made using chemicals
  • Prone to Attract Dust – Yes, the poly-cotton fabric attracts more dust and debris as compared to cotton and thus needs consistent washing
  • Costly Than Polyester – Polycotton is less expensive than unadulterated cotton yet it is costly than polyester in light of cotton and different assets needed underway of a mix of cotton and polyester
  • Not For Outdoor – Polycotton is useful for inside If you are in the office or at home yet poly-cotton isn’t that useful for outside exercises Especially in a more sizzling climate, since it isn’t so breathable as cotton
  • Not Resistant To Fire – Polycotton is not decent heatproof and hot Temperature can harm the texture genuine quick as poly-cotton liquefies in high temperature
  • Elusive – Poly Cotton is moderately more elusive than cotton along these lines bed sheets made of poly cotton continue falling off which can be irritating and they likewise frequently should be corrected on bedding before bed
  • Temperature Sensitive – Hot Iron can harm and reshape poly cotton garments and bedding
  • Not Ideal For Summer – Poly Cotton garments and bedding items are not ideal for summer because poly-cotton isn’t that breathable as cotton and it’s anything but a decent ventilator of air.

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