Your bedsheets looking a bit fade, older, and dingy, and you’re not feeling like it keeping it more than a day on your bed? No need to throw it away, rather try dying bedsheet at home! It’s great fun I swear, in fact, it allows you to create your very own custom color by mixing different dyes!

Only 1-2 boxes of color are sufficient assuming you need to color one of your sheets with strong shading, however, you’ll require numerous tones for splash-color bedsheets!

Here are the following ways to dye sheets at home, I read these guidelines at the renowned dye bed sheet manufacturer website, so thought to share them with all of you!

Wash the sheet in hot water without detergent

If you’re dying a new bed sheet, then wash it first, otherwise, the new fabric might not accept the dye. Nonetheless, regardless of whether your sheet is more established, wash it to eliminate soil and oils that may hold the color back from retaining without any problem.

In case there are any enormous or dull stains on the sheet, absorb the material stain remover to ease up the stain, then, at that point wash it in steaming hot water. Try not to dry the sheet. It will acknowledge the color all the more uniformly in case it’s now wet.

Fill 1/3 of your bath with 120–140 °F (49–60 °C) water

Set the warm or normal water temperature, and let it run for a couple of moments. Meanwhile, put the plugin and fill the bath about 33% of the way. There should be sufficient water so you can totally lower your sheet, anyway if you fill the shower with an overabundance of water, it will be hard to get the concealing shading you need.

Most family water warmers are set between 120–140 °F (49–60 °C), so the most sizzling water from your tap should be adequate.


You’ll additionally foster outcomes with more heated water, so if your water radiator is set to 120 °F (49 °C), you might need to heat up a pot of water on your oven and add it to the shower to bring the temperature up. You can comparatively debilitate the water into an incredibly epic can or holder.

Mix your fabric dye As per the package instructions

The way you mix your dye depends on the brand and the type of dye you’re using, but generally, you’ll pour dye into 1–2 cups (240–470 mL) of hot boiling water. Doing this will guarantee that the color blends all the more uniformly when you add it to the shower.

A solitary box of color ought to be sufficient for one sheet. Notwithstanding, in case you’re attempting to accomplish an exceptionally dull or brilliant shading, you can utilize two boxes, on the off chance that you like. Some mainstream, simple to-utilize brands of texture color incorporate Tulip, Dylon, and Rit Dye.

Mix in the color and 1 cup of Salt

Whenever you blend your color, move it into high-temperature water in your bath or cubicle. Add 1 cup of table salt to the blend and blend everything in with a since a long time prior dealt with a spoon or long stick.

The salt will help the shading with charm. On the off chance that you’re using two boxes of shading, add 2 cups (600 g) of salt.

Lower your sheet in the color shower and mix ceaselessly

Do whatever it takes not to pack up the sheet when you place it in the water. Spot the sheet into your bath, then, at that point utilize your spoon or stick to wash the sheet around in the water. Continue to mix for something like 10 minutes, then, at that point mix the sheet again every 3-5 minutes as long as it’s in the color shower.

Blending the sheet guarantees there aren’t any folds or wrinkles where the color can’t infiltrate. It’s a smart thought to wear long gloves for this, so the color doesn’t stain your hands on the off chance that you inadvertently contact it.

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