Are you thinking of renewing your bed linen clothing? Why not when a beautiful range of bed sheets are offered by printed fabric bed sheet manufacturers in the market these days. Everyone wants to enhance your home’s aesthetic elegance, especially the bedroom with some legacy-inspired, beautiful, and culture-rich bed sheets with dynamic patterns, colors, and materials, at affordable prices.

So, what to choose and how to choose the best bedsheet for yourself. Printed fabric bed sheet manufacturers offer various fabric clothing for your bed linen, making it easier for buyers to have one for themselves, but how to decide which one is best? Read out the article and find the best bedding fabric for yourself.

1.      Varieties of fabrics

There is numerous bed linen fabric as listed below:

2.      Cotton:

Cotton is the most durable, and easily accessible bed sheet fabric obtainable in the market. They are highly versatile and great for summer use. Cotton has a lot of sub-divisions, like:

  • Egyptian cotton: its ultra-soft feel and has extra-long fibers that add to the feel of the material. They are highly luxurious and durable fabrics with a more robust and better weave. But, they are a bit expensive
  • Pima cotton: it is high-end cotton widely for its soft feel. Pima cotton is a high-end substantial that you can select for your bed sheets. Such sheets are very hard-wearing and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Upland Cotton: Upland is grown in the US and is a short or medium stapled cotton. It is relatively cheaper than the Egyptian and Pima cotton variants.
  • Supima cotton: Supima cotton is not standard and is expensive known for its softness, weave strength, and color retention. They are highly beneficial because of their extra long fibers.
  • Micro cotton: they have premium quality woven in extended loops, making it softer and adding a luxurious feel to it. There are lighter versions of this fabric that are similar to Egyptian cotton.
  • Cotton jersey: It is a highly stretchable and soft kind of fabric. They’re soft material which can easily be single knit cotton and stretched and is affordable.


3.      Polyester:

Polyester is a coal-derived synthetic fiber derived from air, petroleum, water, and coal. There are three basic types of them which are derived from polyester and are more suitable versions.

  • Microfiber: it is a more delicate fabric than polyester and can be thermoset or thermoplastic.
  • Nylon: Nylon is an insubstantial polyester that is durable at the same time.
  • Acrylic: This material lasts long in rough conditions, and its fibers are obtained unnaturally from cellulose and petrochemicals.

4.      Tencel:

Tencel is a form of rayon that has cellulose fibers composed of wood pulp through wet spinning. It is recyclables and is as smooth as silk sheets, useful for individuals with sensitive skin.

5.      Bamboo:

Bamboo is a broadly known natural fiber. Tehya er environmentally friendly and require less maintenance with a longer life span.

6.      Linen:

Flax plants are usually used to manufacture linen, making it very durable and dry quicker than cotton. These fabrics are strong and long-lasting.

7.      Silk:

Silk is composed of silkworm cocoons finished sericulture and is the softest fabric known for its appearance and soft feel.

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