Are you facing problems in sleeping and waking up tired and cranky in the morning? The only reason behind this is bedsheets and pillowcases. Dyed bed sheet manufacturers blame bedsheets and pillowcases for lack of sleep as they play a vital role in the quality of sleep.

Several elements contribute to your sleep, like your health, mattress, outside noise, activities, quality bedsheet, and many more. You wonder why not waking up well, so it’s high time to look at the linens and fabric of your bedsheet and find the best quality bedding for sound sleep.

Factors of high-quality bedsheet

Here are some factors which play a vital role in bedsheet quality as listed below:

1.      Thread Count

high-quality sheets don’t mean high thread count. The thread counts are the horizontal and vertical threads woven in the cloth per square inch. Moreover, if it is more than 400 to 500, it shows that it is manipulated to form an artificial thread count. Mainly the bedsheet considers inferior to other linens with lesser thread counts.

2.      Fabric Choices

Choosing the fabric material is very important, but it was varying depending upon the season. The fabric best for summer will not be suitable for winters. There are different quality of material like

  • Synthetic fabrics trap heat, which is beneficial for winters as it gets too hot while you are asleep. If you use them in summer, it will cause restlessness, poor sleep quality, and frequent waking.
  • Quality cotton sheets are very comfortable and used in both seasons and are more breathable and comfortable. It self-regulates your temperature, results in a much more restful sleep experience.
  • Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton are the best luxurious cotton bedsheet, and they brilliantly cool sheets for warm summer nights.
  • Sateen cotton is moisture-wrecking cotton and is very soft and plush. But it tends to overheat while sleeping.

3.      Bedding Maintenance

Bedding maintenance is also essential as it affects the quality of sleep. Suppose you are using a new bedsheet to remove the fabric treatment residue, dirt, and linen enhancements like starch or stiffening agents.  Bedsheet ensures that you have a  quality of sleep, and before buying, you should also take precautions about what detergent you are using for washing them, as it affects the bedsheet fabric.

4.      Other Considerations

Dyed Bed Sheet manufacturer considers that several other factors affect the bedsheet quality like weather, how long have you been using that bedsheet, how you keep your bedsheet, and the color and look of the bedsheet. Colors also play a vital role in quality sleep as they change our mood and every color has its effect.

Buying a good quality bed sheet is a good choice. So, you should select beautiful colors, materials, textures, and high-quality fabric that suits your room. Also, see luxury pillows, a fabulous mattress, and duvets for providing you quality sleep.

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