The towel is an asset, something that works like magic when it comes to housework, bathing, salon work, or even kitchen cleaning. Before leaving climax of useful towel tips, first, let’s discuss how many towels one household could need.

How many towels you might need?

Majority of minimalist own three types of towels including;

  • bath towel
  • dish towel
  • hand towel or rags – although not as convenient as using paper towels. However, the rags are quite eco-friendly

 Towel Tips

  • Wash your towels in cold water, because cold water makes them last longer, and stay more vibrant


  • Never use fabric softener oils in fabric. The reason is softener go into the fabric of towels and make them less absorbent


  • While choosing towels, always go for the white first because you can accidentally bleach your towels whether with benzoyl peroxide, or just plain bleach if you have it, and because a lot of bathrooms are small, so white towels open it up. So if you’ve a dark and small bathroom, then it surely gives a tight feeling, you can also go for blue towels if there’s a lot of white in the room.


  • In short, try to keep light-colored towels, so you can easily see when it gets dirty


  • The three bath towels per person are ample, so one is enough.

What to do first when you get towel home?

The first thing you must do when you take your towel home is, remove the tag. Use sewing scissors or mustache scissors to cut the tag. When the towel is small, it becomes much easier to snip off the tag because the tag makes up so much of the cowl.


Laundry Essentials

The main laundry essentials for washing towels are; mesh bag, dryer rack, unscented detergent, and vinegar.

If you ever get a whiff of something strange, then just dump vinegar inside of the washer, and there will be no smell again. The best formula for making your towel fresh again is so simple!

One spoon of vinegar + unscented detergent = fresh towel

1 cup vinegar + ½ cup baking soda = white towel

The way the washing machine works, the vigorous motion of the washing machine does most of the cleaning. It gets most of the dirt off by itself without having to use any detergent, and so you don’t need a whole lot. The unscented laundry detergent alone works for many people.

You don’t need something very strong detergent. The unscented detergent is also necessary because some people have allergies.

Which Towel is best to use?

Next, the plumper the towel, the less water it absorbs, so when you bring a nice thin towel, and most of your house cells will be very thin because thin towels absorb water a lot better, but they not only absorb water, but also dries your body better, and gets air-dry very quickly.

The thin towels are versatile, they don’t shed, so you can wash them with clothes.  The more you wash your towels separately, they’ll be shedding on all of your other clothes, so the skinnier is it, the better.

The ideal towel for me is, organic, waffle, thin, and weave; they all collect the water off your body easily and dries instantaneously, and kind of have microfiber cloth. These towels can be easily available via any leading bath towel supplier USA.

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